Light of Salvation


Facts, when taken out of its specific context, are transformed into something vaguely similar to the original. Yet, in reality, it is no longer facts, only fakes.

From the foundation of documented facts, versions, opinions, clever interpretations, leads to misinformation and falsifications, becoming believable lies. Repetitions over time, the truths of the matter are difficult to find, hidden behind mountains of lies.

For instance, the abstract word Africa, its opaque meanings and historical references are complex. According to many archives, unprepared, disunited and disorganised. In the flat open terrains of the killings fields, Africa lost her continent, her lands, people, children and everything else above and below ground. She was stripped bare, raped, ravished, abducted and taken away.

Utilising the ancient savage and barbaric rules and laws of the rights of conquest, by any means. the vicious actions described above, were all legal, routine and acceptable at the time. However, high up in her mountainous terrains, Abyssinia, Ethiopia united, stood firm and repelled the marauding invaders. She remained unconqueored and free. “With the Almighty Creator God on our side, who in the hells can be victorious against us.”

African Complexities

Emerging from colonisation, mindless confusion, and the darkness of chain gangs in alien destinations.

Africans were processed through different forms of major social and scientific experimentations, with deep dark unknown consequences. The majority have developed a unique hybrid persona.

Unable to reconcile with the inhumane tragedies, prolonged aftermath and traumas. Including the continuing similarity and complex relationship with the descendants of their perpetrators.

Now looking back in anger, the descendants of Africa at home and abroad, seems unable to let go of the past, move on, generate and create the future desired and needed.

Instead, they wallow in the pangs and pain of a recorded past, practising escapism from the present. Utilising vast reservoirs of collective memories to justify frequent, angry, violent outburst. Following fabrications of history, they fling undirected accusations, seeking reparations for the extreme damages already done.

In the present moment, all over the world in a multitude of different nationalities and tribal identities. Who can be blamed for the destructions of the past? Nothing whatsoever, can repay or wash away the far-reaching African – Black Holocaust.

Whose fault is it, that the people of Africa are in the precarious predicaments that they are in today, right now? The global picture is this, still divided, chaotic, unstable, insecure, without a continental plan and action for unity. Blame no one for this, but yourself! the continent and people fragmented into tiny little pieces, it seems as if, the solution for the jigsaw puzzle will not be found. The Modern Griot.