Portraits of JA Music Culture in the UK

“When you hear this music, you feel no pain. So hit me with music, hit me with music, brutalise my soul, Trench Town Rocking!” Bob Marley – King of Reggae Music.

Stars of Jamaican Music Culture in the UK

Often, I am questioned about photography at the beginning of my vacation in the Fine Arts and career in Visual Communication. I can recall, one outstanding project that continued for over three decades, is the attempts to record and document Jamaican music culture, transported in the mass-migration, from the tiny island in the eye of the Caribbean Sea, to assist with the massive reconstruction of the UK, after the devastation of World War-2.

Stars of Jamaican Music Culture in the UK

London, a capital city in Europe, was the major base and platform to launch Jamaican Music into the global marketplace. At that time, many of the music recording companies, doing business with the music were located, and operated from there. All the images on show were taken in London, England.

This contact sheets contain a small selection of original Black & White images, that were captured, processed, developed, and printed, utilising the traditional methods and techniques of celluloid films, chemicals, and printed papers in a wet darkroom. 

Stars of Jamaican Music Culture in the UK

Currently, the selecting, archiving of negatives, and transferring images to digital formats is a major time -consuming task. I make attempts when I get the time, but this is one area of my work in which I need a lot of assistance and support, to complete this important project.

I hope the bulk of my past photographic works that remain, will come to light and be seen by the public soon.

However, please give your feedback to what is viewed, here on the contact sheets. Whether appraising or critical, it is always enlightening and appreciated. With thanks and best wishes, Danijah.

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