VANLEY BURKE @ THE EXCHANGE 3rd JULY – 16th September 2023

The Exhibition

  Vanley Burke’s gift to Birmingham is asking us to view Concepts of Diversity of a modern city in the 21st century.The images are portraits of migration, settlements, people residing in a city, with origin and backgrounds from areas around the world. Commissioned by Dr. Reza Gholami, on Wednesday 23rd August 2023, 6pm – 7pm, Vanley and Dr. Reza will be live in conversation at the Exchange Birmingham. The discussion will be around diversity, ideas of equality, a sense of belonging, including Vanley’s artistic and photographic practice. Secure a place early by booking. THE EXCHANGE – in Birmingham was built to the designs of Edward Holmes, construction began in 1862, and the building was opened in January 1865. The Exchange was enlarged to over twice the original size in 1876 – 78, to the designs of J.A. Chatwin. It was a multi-purpose building, home to a commodity exchange, which dealt mainly with iron and steel. The local camber of commerce was based in the building until 1901. An assembly room was utilised for public entertainment, such as balls, concerts, etc. Today the spaces in the Exchange are for hire. The Grand Assembly room are used for ceremonies, and press conferences. The vaults for parties and receptions. The boardroom for banqueting and weddings. There are several meeting rooms available for public hire.
The Gilded Golden Statue of Matthew Boulton, William Murdoch and James Watt, was unveiled in 1956, to commemorate the contribution of the three men to the industry of Birmingham and the World, For more information visit:

The Artist

Vanley Burke was born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, in 1951. At the age of 14, he joined his parents in the UK, arriving at Birmingham in 1965. Beginning Photography seriously in 1967, soon after he made a conscious decision to document the Black communities in England. Starting with their unique circumstances, social, culturalrealities, and their lifestyles. His photographs made attempts to counteract the stereotypical projections, false perceptions, and negative imagery of Black people in mainstream media. Over time, valley’s documentaryphotography, expanded to include other communities, with their experiences in the UK. The Vanley Burke Archive is maintained by Birmingham City Council. Visit his website at: