The Exhibition

Eugene Palmer New Works

Wolverhampton Art Gallery – 18 February – 8 May 2023.

The Art of Portraiture – There was some anticipation with keen interest to see how the artist Eugene Palmer new works sit within this field, the subject matter, outlook with completion and painterly style. Overall, it was a refreshing delight. There are the factors of composition, form, surface design, the balance of light and shade, that offers the optical illusion or impression of depth – three dimensions. Most of his paintings are without background or foreground.

Colour harmony and balance are evidenced in the show throughout, all in cool, calm, clean and comforting soft tones. After a short time in the exhibition space, its as if, the artist have simplified and modernised the techniques and traditions of the Old Masters in visual fine arts. No easy task! If this fact maters at all, nowadays. Go, see the show for yourself. The gallery is a welcoming space, with a fresh tasty café.

The Artist

I see my work as participating in a cultural discourse, which is to do with asking questions about art. At some level you could argue that the work has a social dimension. You could also argue that the way meaning is derived from the work is closer to poetry.’

Find out much more about Eugene Palmer at: & a podcast talking with art journalist Bob Chaundry at:

Eugene Palmer was born in Kingston, Jamaica 1955, arrived and grew up in Birmingham, England 1966. After completing his Fine Art Training in a few educational institutions, both in Sutton and London. He returned to the West Midlands, teaching art at Wolverhampton university during the 1980s and early1990s. He was also an active member of the Black Art movement in the UK.