The Exhibition

 The beautiful paintings in this show, are reflections on the ideals of the perfection human beings seek, in order to satisfy a basic need. The work also display our inherent imperfections, due to the multitudes of faults we see in ourselves and in our daily living. Through his paintings, the artist offer us comforts, console our hearts and encourage us to feel good about ourselves. Even in the many failures towards perfection – if there is such a thing.

The Artist

Workneh Bezu is an artist practising in the medium of painting. The major theme across all his creative expressions is humanity in the world. His art works have been shown in many exhibitions, and his current body of works are available to be shown and collected. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Workneh can be contacted at: Email –, Tel: +251 – 955 – 986 – 464