The Exhibition

Ebb Tide is a term that describes movements, when levels of water in the sea flows away from the shore line. The earth or land under the ocean become visible for a period of time. This movement in water is related to the planet natural tides, and is also affected by the pull of the moon. The first two images in the exhibition contrast and compare at the same spot High Tide and Ebb Tide. The photographic images explore the process of receding sea water,the vibrant colours and vivid textures on the sea bed.

The Artist

Danijah Tafari, the multi-discipline artist made suggestions to begin showinghis paintings. However, the response to his works on the site is very good, his creativity is highly regarded and appreciated. As soon as the planned season of projects are completed, his paintings will definitely be available on site. His art works have been shown in exhibitions across three continents, and are in a number of collections, both private and public, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, Amistad Research Centre, USA, National Gallery, Jamaica, Richard F. Bush Gallery, USA. His most recent body of works are available only on this site.