The Exhibition

The anticipation of weekend breaks to the coast, carefree living and summer holidays, are the perfect occasions to make memories with loved ones and people we care about. Even when the enjoyable times are not recorded, the memories remain with us in mind always. These timely escapes from the daily stress of life, certainly do us a lot of good. The photographic images documents the feelings of joy while visiting the ocean.

The Artist

Danijah Tafari is a multi-discipline artist practising in the medium of painting, photography, printmaking, creative writing and art related activities in the cultural industries. The major theme across all his creative expressions is the human condition. His art works have been shown in exhibitions across three continents, and are in a number of collections, both private and public, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, Amistad Research Centre, USA, National Gallery, Jamaica, Richard F. Bush Gallery, USA. His most recent body of works are available only on this site.