The Exhibition

 The beautiful paintings in this show, are a random selection of works by a well know painter, based in the political captital of Africa, Addis Ababa. The contents and subject matter, covers a vast range of ideas, history, folklore, and traditional beliefs. Including reflections on the ideals of the perfection human beings seek, in order to satisfy a basic need. Click on the image to view single images in its own space.There are many excellent artists working throughout Africa, that remain unknown to the general public.Acap hopes, through these pages on-site, to bring them to your attention. Look, View, Enjoy, Buy, Invest in Visual Art.

The Artist

Girma Kifle Meskel was born in Addis Ababa, and is still living in the vicinity of Kazanchis. During the Derg Military Regime, as a youth, he was imprisoned for four years. It was during the period in prison that he began to develop his skills in the fine arts. “To make work I use canvas, animal skin, paper, board, glass and metal sheets. I use oil, acrylic, watercolours, and dry paint for drawings. I work with whatever is at my disposal, and as long as I am convinced that it would be of value in the marketplace. I use all these materials to express social, cultural, religious, traditional, current affairs, and abstract features of life. Sometimes I feel like there are different people inside me; a poet, painter, sculptor, designer, writer and more. My expression is often realistic perspectives, very truthful, andat time abstract.” His art works have been shown in many exhibitions, and his current body of works are available to be shown and collected. Based in Addis Ababa, Girma can be contacted at: Email –, Tel: +251-912-105-173