FINE LINES – MAKING DRAWINGS- 3rd January – 12th March 2023Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

The Exhibition

The recently opened exhibition is a fascinating study in geometric designs, consisting of shapes, circles, triangles, rectangles, straight lines and more. Geometry is a branch of mathematics, concerned with the accuracy of connecting points, measurements, curves, surfaces, parallels, crossing and the meeting of lines. Apart from geometry as the source and foundation to begin making work, the artist explores the poetics of architectural forms through patterns, layering and colour. The interplay of geometric shapes creates dynamic effects, suggesting movements in the play of light, dark and shadows.
Apart from the ink and Perspex drawings, the unique sculptural works are constructed using copper and brass wires. The sculptural works are painted using automotive spray paints. All works are priced and for sale. Well worth a visit – entrance is free. Enjoy!


The Artist

Steve Evans started his art practice as a second career, having previously worked as a structural engineer. His source of ideas is informed by his design background, and are generally triggered thoughts, ideas and eyes for unusual shapes, structures, colours and play of light on surfaces.

All the above becomes the starting point from which to begin making work. From abstract composition in two dimensions drawing and three dimensions sculptural works. I am not sure if Steve will make an appearance in the gallery to give a short talk about the work, but it may be a good idea to check, you could meet the artist in person.