The Exhibition

 With the mode and style of Black & White Drawings, the Photographs in this show explores the deep-seated confrontations of dualities in the mind of individuals. Light & Dark are metaphors for the complexities in human relationships. In our current state of social living, embroiled within the demands of individual entitlements. We seem to have lost the shared sense of collective reference points on the moral compass.Unable to discern the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, your heaven is my hell – my hate is your love. In this culture of chaos and confusion, on opposite sides, are we to remain perpetual enemies forever in continuous warfare?
The duality of good and evil are not distinctive and separate entities in the world around us. According to the situation and circumstances we are in, bad and good are both energies functioning in the mind and activities of every individual person.

The Artist

Danijah Tafari is a multi-discipline artist practising in the medium of painting, photography, printmaking, creative writing and art related activities in the cultural industries. The major theme across all his creative expressions is the human condition. His art works have been shown in exhibitions across three continents, and are in a number of collections, both private and public, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, Amistad Research Centre, USA, National Gallery, Jamaica, Richard F. Bush Gallery, USA. Outside of own presentation, his current body of works are available only to be viewed on this site.