The Exhibition

An Heritage site, with the right light the canal is a mirror reflecting the surrounding area. Capturing that beauty in the water of the wryley & Essington Canal was the main objective of the artist. At the time when the photographs were being made, a mild breeze created waves of movement on the surface of the water, visible in the image used for the title ‘Canal Mirror.’ The images are surreal, translucent and spectacular. I quote the artist, “I was inspired and began to seek out ways in which I could express the impressions and sensations, the canal walks were making on my emotions.  

The Artist

Danijah Tafari is a multi-discipline artist practising in the medium of painting, photography, printmaking, creative writing and art related activities in the cultural industries. The major theme across all his creative expressions is the human condition. His art works have been shown in exhibitions across three continents, and are in a number of collections, both private and public, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, Amistad Research Centre, USA, National Gallery, Jamaica, Richard F. Bush Gallery, USA. His most recent body of works are available only on this site.