The Exhibition

A category of celebrations in the 6th – sixth region of African populations, during the month of October is ‘Black History Month.’ Histories are generally records of past events of significant magnitude, that are of great importance for heritage and legacy. These events are preserved, archived for now, posterity and the coming generations not yet born.

The current social agenda and political mission in the UK, are described as ‘Levelling Up & Equality.’ This effort will also demand changes in all areas of public life, including the inevitable shifts in personal attitudes and actions.

In this exhibition titled: Black History & the NHS – UK, are detailed info about the lifetime services Black people from the Caribbean, committed to the National Health Service – NHS – in the UK. The 2023 calendar on show, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the NHS, and the 75th anniversary of the landing of SS-Empire Windrush ship at Tilbury Docks. In this show the calendar months are not in accurate running order.

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