The Exhibition

The title ‘Below The Surface’ is a reference to the new life of the Wryley & Essington Canal. One of 4 exhibitions on the subjects along the canal route. There are a lot of different things to been seen and enjoyed, There are much more than just water no longer in use. The canal trail is a nature reserve and a lively place to be, especially during the warm seasons. There are families cycling, mothers with babies in prams, joggers, children learning Kayaking, fishing, people out walking, ducks, swans and much more. This exhibition is an attempt to go below under the water levels, deeper than what is usually visible on the surface of the canal.  

The Artist

Danijah Tafari is a multi-discipline artist practising in the medium of painting, photography, printmaking, creative writing and art related activities in the cultural industries. The major theme across all his creative expressions is the human condition. His art works have been shown in exhibitions across three continents, and are in a number of collections, both private and public, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, Amistad Research Centre, USA, National Gallery, Jamaica, Richard F. Bush Gallery, USA. His most recent body of works are available only on this site.