The Exhibition:
West Midlands – Wolverhampton -The little City at the Heart of The Black Country.

From the 19th century industrial revolution, the small villages and towns around Sandwell, Walsall, Dudley with Wolverhampton is known as the ‘The Black Country.’ Coal mining and heavy iron works were among its distinctive features. The named towns above located in the West Midlands, grew together into one single built environment. Some of the common sightings at that period of time were: Blacksmiths, Pubs – drinking dens, Theatres & Picture Houses, Market Places, Shops & Stores, Horse Cart Deliveries, Council Schools at Portobello, Tram Cars, Coal Mines, Interment Camps, Industrialists, Lords of the Manor, Breweries, Swimming Sessions Saturday Afternoons, Long Boats on the Canal, The Clock Tower, Parish Fetes, Sand Crushing, Civic Arms, ‘The Crooked House – The Glynne House.’ Processions, Manufacturing Bases, Bonfires, Blast Furnaces, Colliers, High Streets, Sheet Metal Works, Iron Industries. A notable book titled ’57 Black Country People’ written by Stan Hill and published throughthe Black Country Society is available to be purchased. Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, recently received a package of £4 billion pounds, through an investment partnership with Legal & General. This sum is part of the levelling-up programme to transform the region. ACAP.

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