Planet Earth – a view from outside its orbit.

Spirituality In Africa

We are Spirit and Essence of the Almighty Creator – God, experiencing life within a material body, for a finite period of time.

Living among a particular lush, green, tropical environment, in a Dome called Home. moving in line with the Energies of the Cosmos, on a Planet titled Earth!

The life of the body is limited, but the life of the soul is immortal. Seeking spirituality, is the battle to redeem and protect your own soul.

Residing in the heart, the soul correspond with the mind, another non-material element located in the head. Far from IQ standards, and super-intelligence test. The process of mind are instinct, intuition, insight, rational, conscience, consciousness, awareness, creativity, introspection, reflection, imagination, and many more.

Ancient clusters of sparkling stars – bound together by gravity – near the Milky Way. Recent Nasa Image.

Decolonising African Minds

In order to begin anew, all areas of our existence have a need to be decolonised.

Africans will be totally free, but to remain free, the mind and spirit must be decolonised, and cleansed completely.

Liberation consist of diligently decolonising ideas, concepts, principles, teaching and learning. This process must be sustainable, and be done in a holistic manner.

This method and model for major social change, exist. China, under the leadership of Mao Zedong, the cultural revolution generated the change, for a better future. In the cleansing process, millions perished. Today, the nations in the Republic of China, are reaping the benefits, of his determined actions, and projected vision.

Nasa – Space Hubble.

Modernity & Tradition

Time constantly move on, make way for the new. Evolve! Or die. Leave all behind, that is no longer useful or needed. Let it fade away.

Place valued beneficial things, in a safe building. The evidence of our past, as heritage and legacy, for the generations to come. As our ancestors did in ancient Kemet.

Now! innovate, create, generate, all new things needed for the new times, with new feelings. The vast external material world is a wonder, and amazing scenarios of reality. In comparison, our own non-material internal world, and psychic domain, must be anchored by what is real. Before you vacate this world, do something good. In this new tech – information age, leave your footprint, as evidence that you were here. Remember Kemet!

Ceremonial Ritual

Religion & Science

The energies sustaining the universe, is neither male or female. It is a force and quality, containing all things, to create and sustain life.

Africans believe, the first principle of life and human creation, is Ma. Feminine, mother, caring with nourishing love. Mama Africa!

To demystify our spirituality and culture, for a new awakening. Religion was born out of culture, and social living. Our spirituality is from the feminine principles based on wisdom. The Kings and Queens, are representatives from the heavens. They are there, by Divine Will. Nowadays, the preacher’s religious teachings, can be extremely difficult to accept and register. Especially, when they differ so much from your daily lived experiences.

A Nebula – filled with cosmic gas, solar dust, and solar wind. Located in the Orion Constellation, 6400 light years away.

I try committing to their faith, but doubt and complexity sets in. The resistance is my own inability to accept the beliefs, values, and daily practice of it all.

Being unsure, who in hell can you trust? With my golden rule, I put my faith and trust, in the Almighty God.

From within, that is my personal guide and confidant. I need no other, neither a new religion in that relationship.

Becoming more aware of unknown conscious energies, sharing the same space as me. These entities glide in and out of humans and non-humans. An elder advised, they are beings without physical forms, that may become visible and invisible at will. Spectral and strange, they are ‘Tessagraphy.’ Through occult practices and divination, some people are able to call and invite them.

6th RegionSeason of Ice.

Life or Death

In the sixth region – old and new diaspora. The global village of Africans, consist of people in socio-political locations, with differing nationalities.

They have this in common, they all consider themselves to be of African origin. A very important aspect of their personal identity.

Their ideologies and social concepts, goes way beyond capitalism verses communism. Their values are deeply rooted, in the unchanging African traditional cultures. As they search, and consistently struggle to reconnect with their origin. At the same time, deal with the modern in an unbroken continuity.

If you are really serious about embracing all things African, because that is who are what you are. It should be a priority to learn and speak a mother tongue. A language of communication, at least. At present, even your thoughts are alienated from your true being, without a mother tongue.

You continue to educate your children in schools, that are colonising their mind. Then wonder why, their behaviour is such and such? You fail to move and progress out of self-alienation, because of economic fear and restraint. Losing meta-physical connections with the ancestral track. Surrender to it, or commit to the struggle to evolve. The choice is Yours! Nu-Active.