European ancestry assimilation into the culture of Africa.
Great Grand-Father & Son

Euro’Afri are people of European ancestry, with a background and history in Africa for hundred of years. In the present moment, we may reflect on the reason and circumstances of their presence on the continent, and riminess about barbaric and horrific events of the past. Should the sons and daughters of the colonial imperial powers suffer for the crimes and sins of their father and mother?

Questions may also be asked, being children and benefactors from colonial regimes and rulers. Right now, where are their loyalties? Is it with nations abroad, the countries where they were born and grow, the communities in which they live?

It would be highly beneficial for all concerned, if the Euroafrians would speak-up loudly and let it be known, exactly what their true intentions are for Africa. And what role if any, they are prepared to activate in the present development plans for the continent of Africa.

The race war is over, it is no longer necessary to keep a low profile, hide or isolate, or be fearful of assimilation, you are at home. Now it is all about people working together for better communities, quality of living with peace and harmony in their locale.

Compare & Contrast

In the past, the mass movement of people were in both directions. People of African descent who are now living in countries dominated by Europeans, even through all their historical trauma, present pain, extreme inequalities and difficulties, can live, work and participate at every level of society. Even to be voted president, in one of the most powerful countries in the world.

At the present time, the number of Euroafrians living in the fifty-four sovereign states of the continent, are estimated to be between nine to ten million. The largest communities are in Africa South and along the Mediterranean Coast.

The Euroafrians are mainly in the society of business class, but their history of living is filled with insecurities and with a sense of unexpected difficulties. After the wars of independence in the twentieth century, many people of European ancestry were driven out, or expelled by new incoming governments. Many others expecting reprisals joined the mass-exodus to safe places, far away from the continent of Africa.

Newly Officiated African – Chief

Historical Facts

The mass movement of Europeans into Africa began with people serving queen, king and country. Followed by missionaries, colonial administrators, explorers, adventurers, industrialists, soldiers in the army, navy and air force. The ambitious get rich quick brigade were also there. Later the hordes of culture vultures ceased their opportunities. Currently, it is the end-period of aid agencies and non-government organisations supporting deserving groups.

However, the original European presence in North Africa is well documented, starting with the Greeks through Alexander the great. Then the Romans through Julius Cesar and Mark Antony with their liaisons with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Long after, the Vatican popes of Rome commissioned the Jesuits to enter the African arena. The French government made their claims over large areas of land, through the efforts of their legionaries. 

The drive into the continent continued with the ‘Scramble for Africa’ in 1884-85 Berlin, Germany. In a Conference of European heads of government, organised and chaired by Otto ‘iron man’ Von Bismarck with support from the leagues of elite European power brokers. The groups at this conference chopped up the whole land mass of the continent and distributed marked areas of ownership among themselves. The African rulers were totally unaware of this event. Only one place was able to remain unconquered, independent and free. The African Postman.