Sensual sensations that stimulate the feelings of love.

When asked what is love? The literary genius, William Shakespeare replied, “Love is many splendorous things.” Wonderous and verbally agile, he was perfectly correct. Love turns on a vast range of emotions. He explained further, “love is in the eyes of the be-holder.” The conversation was during the Elizabethan era. Today, love is in the be-held, past tense, not before but after the event. Here are some of my thoughts about love.


Love is an invisible substance that can excite every single cell in your body. Love energy is magnetic sensations, that can be instantaneous full of shock waves.

Love is a chemical reaction, a fluid attraction that comes and goes in rotation. At times heavy orgasmic rushes, overflowing with quivering anticipations.

Love is more than a biological urge rarely satisfied. It is a fire when inflamed burns with consuming passion. Can you love, will you remain in-love?

Love Power is an elevating force, that lifts you high up to face and interact with the beauties of life. Despite all the barbaric ugliness and strife.

Love enraged is like an erupting volcano, hot lava that rarely cools of its own accord. The nature of this love is like a needle with fine silver threads, that stitches together the soul mind heart and body.

Unrequited love can be an obsessive fixation, habitual in its afflictions and dilemmas. So, devastating, only a very few achieve the cure. In a state of trance, many wish to enter the secure home of love. Realising they are at the wrong address, remain trapped and is unable to leave.

Deeply seated, in the scenario of the long-awaited satisfaction that makes you complete. so numerous are the emotions of love, mere flesh can find only find the basic means of expression. It is demanding, time consuming, an addictive committed closeness. Are you able to love truly?

Love is an intimate relationship, pleading with you to be real. Not unemotional detachment, denying all requests for unconditional participation and forgiveness. The true nature of real love is to give without expecting a return favour in kind.

Love can be a sentimental reason, a kind of love that binds you to the repeated sweetness of fleeting sensations. In a sharp awareness to become compassionate, empathising not criticizing.   

Love is a two-way interaction, servicing the emptiness aching to be filled. A permanent vocation and function, that will never work without the other. Suspicion love division. Love is more than a four-letter word, something that you say and nothing more. 

Experienced To be believed, love is found through romantic melodies that strums the strings of the heart. Considerate, sharing, caring, understanding without any type of regrets. Love is the route to serene happiness secured in another, to be love and be loved. Shedding sympathetic tears at the loss. 

Love perverted, is a self-centred sacrificial drive to possess someone in order to satisfy lustful obsessions. Being perfidious and supercilious. Realise, love is the simple considerations you give to another.

Love is a search for a better way to love. See the need in a friend that cares always, regardless. Love is a sensitive skin hunger to be caressed and touched tenderly. Satisfaction achieved through deep soft penetration to the heart.

Love confusion is a dangerous game, play and you are liable to be stung, severely burnt. In cardiac arrest on the edge barely surviving. Ask, learn the rules of all the players, be sure you are on the right team.

Love is blind, cannot identify, only felt deeply. It is a piercing arrow that kills the will and binds the heart with unknown affectations. Crashing headless explosions in the mind secret paradise. 

Love truly can be found during a sexless period of togetherness. In a seeking effort, which without love sweetness may never be found.

Loves metaphor is climbing up to the pinnacle of a high mountain, on the right side. Omg! What a view, and slowly down on the left side, only to start over again and repeat the process again, again and again.

Love is totally letting go, remaining open. A welcoming intimacy that exposes all the private and personal vulnerable areas of our being. Will you try to let go, open up and let love in? How can you say I love you, when you do not love yourself?

Love is a wide open space, like being in the midst of a vast ocean, where non-swimmers down. Love is a bright light that opens windows and you to new worlds. Will you remain in the dark?

Love is an Oasis in a vast empty desert, a cooling well-spring that never runs dry. Will you drink without suspicions and superstitions. Will you offer to quench the thirst of a weary traveller?

When real, love is solid like granite rock, pure as diamond clusters. A gem that no amount of money can buy. Will you continue to bid, with the hope of purchasing love?

Love is a spiritual reality that lingers, hovering between life and death. Like a recurring memory mingled with sadness, hopes, fears and tears.

Love, that perfect jewel in the crown, can be a fluttering solar plexus filled with quivering tender nerve ends. Faint and you experience petit mort, the little death.

Love is the father, with all the power in the world, but allows you to be what you want to be and do all the things you desire to do. Can you be that type of love? Offering the gift of free-will, God is love.

Love is the mother who feels it and bears the pain, being the gateway of your entrance into this world. The real heaven and display of love are within her. Try your best to shower her, even with tiny sprinklings of your love.

Love is a human gift from the spirit of creation, come what may it continues, regardless. In comes hate, out goes love fleeing away. Could you be the love that stay?

Searching seeking needing, what you think love is, may not be that after all. To find love, you must first become love. Will you, and can you be love?

Love never die or lie; it is a divine sweetness beyond the sense of taste. Love is something you experience for yourself and cannot be known from the stories of someone else. Danijah Tafari.