Wise Old Owl

Hear & Say – Is Not – Know & Say!

What is wrong with a little white lie? It can quickly turn dark, toxic, and deadly. Can you face and cope with that reaction?

Speak the truth always, cause it what it may. Your truth may set you free, from all your fears, pain, chains, and misery.

Many of us hearing something, considered to be logical and factual. Repeat it to others, as the truth of the matter.

Continuing to reinforce what is untrue. Eyewitness accounts and living experiences, are the only valid responses, in any situation. Even then, our eyes do play tricks on us. And some hands move faster than eyes.

Bird’s Eye View

Remember, in this the final conflict of the global warfare. The fight is not against flesh and blood, but against evil powers, principalities, spiritual wickedness in the highest and lowest places.

The principles of goodness, faith, hope, and charity will always overcome evil, and wickedness.

Add no energy to falsehood, fuelling extreme negative thoughts, wrong attitudes, and behaviour.

Speak no words to deceive, full of poison, with the after effects of chaos, and more confusion.

Show the love you have inside your soul. You are the master of your body and mind. Take control of what you do, and say.

Cut out the Lying Tongue!

Little Betty.