The Spoken Word

Long, long time ago, way back in the past, we in the Sixth Region of Africa, were slaves. For many of us, clueless, it may have been a million years ago. We know nothing of it. Yet, here we are, born in the middle of a race-war, and most of us still cannot understand it. Why? Simply, because my skin is Black. No, something else is going on.

At a point in their history, weren’t all nations slaves? Spartacus was a European slave in Rome. A Black Roman general was among the army that invade and conquered Britannia.

The modern dispersion of Africans around the world, is all about dispossession, land grab, stolen heritage and legacies, psychological torture, continued oppression, guilt complexities, intolerance, megalomania, and prejudice out of control, tarring everyone of African descent with the same brushes.

All the above, are rarely mentioned and generally ignored, even in general higher education discourse.

Place of Origin

The brave and rebellious amongst us, have risen above the racial mayhem to find self, place of origin, with a feeling of belonging. Made metaphysical reconnections with our ancestors and our ancient family tree root. Regardless, to the extent of damage, and differences, attempts are being made to find a place call home.

It is not just about where the heart is. Survival is a must. Yet, we may look and appear to be not similar, to our brothers and sisters of the soil. But we were groomed worlds apart, on the inside, and the daily experiences. No matter where you are in this region. 

Right now, within the Creative Industry, making products from the source of history, culture, myths, heritage, and cultural expressions. What is inside those people are fully coming out, huge sums of money are at stake. Ferocious arguments are revealing the extent source, depths of feelings, miseducation, misappropriation, and misunderstanding. On all four sides of the square box, and the ideas of purity in the white cube. 

New Developments

In the film industry, animation Blockbusters are now on the Blacktip. The new untapped frontier, a zone ripe for exploitation. The new Black-Spiderman the Spider-verse is doing great at the box office, world-wide. I have seen it, Brilliant, vibrant, exciting, well worth a look-in. Not Little Mermaid, some inflamed arguments are being blown-up. It is all about race, heritage, legacy, history, culture, and ownership. Cleopatra is Arab, not Black!  

Extremely sorrowful, pathetic, and vile. We all have artistic license, so what? Its fiction not real life. Maybe to you! I say, know the facts, and full-joy the fictions. Stay away from the factions, and frictions. The history of the Mediterranean Basin is all about the mixing of three different people, in three different shades.

One burnt Black, by the closeness to the burning sun. The other, White, and pale. From up North, the land of ice, and frozen souls. Soon warmed up, colourful under the cool vibes of the Med. The one, nomad from the vast desert sands. Tanned Brown, where the mystery of the Genius, is the only way to survive. At the Oasis, the leader of the forty thieves, Ali Baba, declared the new tribal motto. “Every man for himself, and Allah, for us all.” Open Sesame!

Culture Creativity & Politics

For political, social, cultural, and racial clarity. Historically, the people of the Mediterranean are a mixture of Africans, Europeans, and Arabs. For all in the Arab world, which one of the Cleopatra were they discussing. The name is a title, like queen. There nine in the lineage. Ptolemy, a Macedonian general in the army of Alexander the Great, started the dynasty when he became ruler of Egypt, 323 – 285 B.C. Then, mainly along the Coastal regions. How many Black generals were in Alexander’s Army? The unknown question. Skin colour and tone had very little significance then. Sorry!

In terms of history, those events are not so long ago. Can we clearly see the problems of A.I. Artificial Intelligence learning, it’s a program. Somewhere, Someone, or Something is doing it. Not just Algorithms, there is no consciousness, no conscience, no sensibilities. Extremely Limiting, in comparison with the creative flexibility of the mind, with over eighty billion neurons, and they have only arrived at first base. Sister Mischievous.