New York – New York 1920s

As a definition, the term appropriation implies and refer to values stored and secured for a particular purpose. In a claim, the clever lawyer quickly learns, how to win you over – or rob you blind with clever words. All within the rules of law. Sign here, and your life is gone.

Covenant and contractual obligations that cannot be broken binds you. In the circles of professional politicians, another group where the use of words is extremely important – in being politically correct. Often you hear the term, ‘the devil is hidden in the details.’ I will be using a fine tooth-comb in this diatribe, like biometrics to find, trace and spotlight the devil. Could be a lengthy, exhausting, tricky process. Stick with it, allow me to meander. 

Thelonious Monk

In the world of the arts industries, cultural appropriation is when the creative genius and artistic output of a nation or people, in this case African Americans as an example, are transferred into American pop-culture, mass media, consumerism and education.

Through philanthropic means and organisations, or institutions of government departments, the ruling personnel become the guardian and protectorate, even claiming ultimate ownership of legacies. On behalf and for the better good of the nation, including the whole world.

The valuable and at times irreplaceable and priceless heritage and cultural legacies, are generally utilised for prestige, global influence, commerce, with educational support and local business opportunities. Not much is utilised for the descendants of the original and authentic creators.

Billie Holiday

Without full knowledge of the facts, spirit, real mission of the creative activities, and purpose of the originators. Eventually, falsification, and bigoted opinions become the norm. Over time all is forgotten about the authentic originators. Then, generations after, the descendants see and hear their own, and cannot recognise, identify, or know the creative arts and genius on display, truly came from them in spirit and in blood.

On the other side, in the wrong hands, the valuable heritage and creative legacies have no continuity. Are devalued, become fallacies and disposable junk, according to popular opinion and lack of appreciation. Or into the extremes of bare faced lies and exploitation.

John Coltrane

There are no intentions of personal attack here, it’s a program, an inherited system out of date, out of time and now out of control. Lazy, conceited people resist change, even when it is for the better good. Threatened, the fear is, they may lose their customised comforts and joys, regardless of the pain people suffer.

I am taking nothing for granted, I am letting it all out. Even though words are never enough and gets in the way of clarity. Action speaks much louder, but at times the result can be quite severe. Claim ownership! We must not allow the continuation of exploitations to kill our lifeblood and income generation over generations. Will you help?

Dinah Washington

Now in the second decade of the twenty first century, we are locked into a global system of knowledge economy. No money, you stay in the dark as dunce bats. Its deadly serious with dangerous social implications. Why America, they are the super-power in this region of Nation Blocks. Its one example among many.

Now that the social, and political circumstances are identified and qualified, let’s get to meat of the matter. Let’s explore this scenario from someone like me, at a particular perspective with a multi-dimensional point of view, in music, ‘the Queen of my soul.’ Its emotional, close to my beating heart.

V.I.P. Exclusive & Private

To find the real meaning of the term creative and cultural appropriation. In this case, the correct terminology and words can only be inappropriation or misappropriation.  Looking at twentieth century America for instance, as one of many examples.

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The creative energies and skills, genius, timeless music composition and original authentic creation and productions, ultimately benefitted whom and why, and in what proportions?

And how, when, and where. The images in this scenario may offer a few clues based on facts, not self-centred opinions, vanity driven.

Jamaica – Country Living

Dis-inherited, the heritage and legacies and product of their talents and skills, contracts, ill-advised, legal ties, shenanigans unknown. Whatever the reasons, it’s gone, never to be returned. And in the centuries to come, do not think, the same blessings and skills may ever appear again. 

Where is the continuity? Transferred to others. Faraway from their origin and foundations. So it is in the world, still the Rights of Conquest, in so many minds. I surrender! You have it all, I have nothing, but my soul! Never in a hole. Be bold, reach out and touch your …………………! With addition, in the beginning was the word, and it is still our best form of communication. The Over’Seer.

WORD! We put our trust in the Almighty GOD! We did not say put your trust in US of A. Lyrical Lee.