Christmas Tree & Presents

Beginning with celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus, with the magical mystery stories about three magi kings following a star, with offerings of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. After finding the baby with mother in a stable among animals.

With elaborately decorated trees, festivities, and religious ceremonies, this ritual has continued for centuries.

Today, things are very different, the religious activity of Christmas is now replaced by the promotion of family values, goodwill and wishes for prosperity. With rest and enjoyment for two weeks, leading into the joys and hopefulness for the new year.

Houses in old town of Colmar, Alsace, France

In the twenty first century, religion as an institution with its hierarchical systems, have taken us thus far, and is unable to continue further. For many of us, religion is becoming more and more irrelevant. Now, the major concern is this, what to do, and where do we go, to satisfy our spiritual needs.

The answer is quite simple, everyone, every single person, must now search deep within themselves, to find their God. To begin a new one to one relationship. One that will assist to find peace and salvation, in a world turned upside down. God and human is a private and personal one to one relationship.

City Lights


For world peace, all religious beliefs are best conducted in that way. No need for disputes and confrontations, lets work within the laws, rules and agreed regulations of good conduct, with respect for all.

The teachings of the great rabbi, Yahushua, on how to live in the world with each other, is a great place to begin.

When you leave this world, maybe, just maybe, through his messages and directives, you will enter his place of rest, and find true happiness. Happy Xmas. Anna Maria.