While governments continue in the old ways of pursuing domineering powers, usually militate against each other. The best way forward for people in general is information, understanding and cooperation. The nature of the current times we live in, dictates the rules for proactive actions. See the realities in the world, accept it and do your best work within it. What is the alternative?

We are all not heroes and sheroes, on a mission to change the world for the better. But we all have a responsibility to contribute what we can to the life on this planet, called Earth. The life you live personally and the little you do as a human being individually, wherever you may be, will make a difference. When added to what billions of people collectively are doing around the world in a concerted effort, can and will without a shadow of doubt, generate a different energy to our living world. Think global – function local.

Today, we may contemplate the histories of the whole wide world and wonder, how did we get to this stage? What mindset and which routes did our leaders use to arrive at this state? From my multi-dimensional viewpoints, there are now many worlds within worlds, within worlds. Yet, many of us are still not yet fully aware, how these worlds interact and operate together. Some people describe the worlds and its processes of interactions as the toxic mire. 

For someone like me living in the world of Black Experiences and not relating to the negativities, neither accepting the alien identity of Blackness, somehow, somewhere a change becomes vitally necessary. The narrative in this brief extended post, is an introduction to a disclosure about the group search in a deep personal address, relating to the long relationship between people of African descent and Europeans, both from the perceptions of recorded history and daily contemporary experiences. 

Including in this search are all the people and populations in this mix, who are given the title and have embraced the identity of ‘Black’ by default. This identity of Blackness – a political and economic construct, is a major breach and sordid ruptures of a colour bias humanity, which appears to offer no solutions for everyone involved and concerned about human progress.

I am primarily from an African background, with a few hybrid connections and admixtures of genes, which are not unusual for someone born in the Caribbean. However, in the part of the world where I was located, I am considered and categorized to be a member of a group described as originating from ‘The Black Experiences.’ Growing up living in zones and countries dominated by European politics, and economic elites embedded in cultures of social divides. 

I soon realized that the environment in which you are born, and the cultures that surrounds you daily, to a great extent, shape and mould the person you become. Of course, family values, close relatives and friends deliver the most intimate influences. However, the wider societies carry the most weight through your daily experiences.

On the continent or in the African diaspora, to where or to whom can this new term Afro-Peans as a reference be applied. The name suggests a new unique type of hybrid persona, caught up in limbo between two extremes? Maybe the search for this identity will lead us to a cul-de-sac, where this rare and unique blend of persona is the norm. 

Since being Black, means you are not only powerless but is also unable to do much, in order to change the world you are in. As an option maybe it is possible to change the individual you are, by yourself for yourself. 

Not so long ago, after reading a book written by one of our greatest scholars, Chiek Anta Diop, with its futuristic messages, my name change similar to others in the collective began in earnest. For Everyone who identify with Africa as an African, the choice right now are between two extremes remains, chose one – Civilisation or Barbarism.  Deep Routes Collective.