Ideogram and diagram of the whole wide world in crisis - ready for the new clear..

The young African warriors male and female, fighting worldwide for equal rights and justice declared, “the third world war has begun, mental, psychic, spiritual, practical and psychological.” This war will not be fought and won by boots on the ground. They explained that the battles for the soul and mind of the African nations are centered in community actions, and is being conducted through cyberspace, the dark web, digital zones and all systems of new technology functioning at light speed. Raging on many fronts, industrial, biological, political, social, cultural, economic, and all the other usual areas in the competition of nations functioning within a one world scenario.

Many people say, “it is difficult to see how Africans could have more than an extremely minor role in the types of battles as described. The great ambitions may be there, but the facts and logistics show a very different picture.” Yes! The scenarios of that warfare have more to do with the technologically, scientifically advanced nations and superpowers. However, without old redundant cumbersome infrastructures to be removed in those places, what is lacking in old Africa could prove to be a great advantage. New Africa started from a pure blank canvas. As far as nation states goes, the continent called Africa is a new baby on the block, not yet sixty years young in real terms. The continent is still creeping out of severe forms of arrested developments and degradations, that continued relentlessly for more than five centuries under colonial rule. Only recently retrieving all the lands lost to foreign invasions and becoming totally independent at the end of the twentieth century, out of the race to the planets, outer space and beyond, Africa has much to do to secure its future on earth. The Star Wars can wait, for a much later date.

It is regrettable and unfortunate that all areas of our everyday social living, are now embroiled and integrated into politically toxic, destructive, and at regular intervals being driven to the violent deadly games of gripping the balance of power by any means. The ‘African Millennium Renaissance’ was launched from the headquarters of the ‘African Union’ in Addis Abba. The chairperson at the time was the prime minister of Ethiopia, Ato Meles Zenawi. Not long after, Mr. Zenawi died under mysterious circumstances. His death was reported in such a manner as to generate a barrage of conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, the foundations of the renewal and building of the New Africa Civilisation is up, energetic, functioning and running with a dynamic synergy. Now, over two decades into the twenty first century, if we look closely into the fifty-four states, we can find similarities and more common ground than differences.

The facts are expressed aggressively like this, the continent is there but Africa is not yet a concrete reality, fixed in granite, steel and glass. For the progressive individual, Africa is simply a state of mind only. Africa creators are hard at work with this truth at forefront of their mind. We accept ourselves as Africans in an identity to be, even though not yet real. There is no actual African passport, no state called Africa, no citizenship, no language called African, no unified political reality, etc. Apart from the small area registered as Africa South, there is no other region with the actual name – Africa. I am always conscious about that abstract nature, mirage and phantoms associated with the name. What is the meaning and where is the root of its origin, when and how did the word Africa come into use and by whom? I use the word Africa, like everyone else, to convey an overview of the gigantic continent.

The European historical quest for the continent called Africa began with ‘Alexander the Great’ in North Africa. The final chapter in the saga to completely and finally destroy the African civilization, were contained in the agreements signed at the Berlin conference in 1894, titled ‘The Scramble for Africa’ and chaired by German prince Otto Van (iron man) Bismarck. The complete landmass of the continent (except one country) became the colonies and properties of European governments and land Barons. The poor hopeless Africa and Africans we are witnessing today, if the truth is to be known, is the product of Arabic and European exploration, colonization, exploitation, neo-colonization, and the perverse forms and variety of bondage subjected on the whole nation for over two thousand years. 

Resistance and severe full-scale bloody warfare for freedom started in earnest during the nineteenth century at the battle of Adwa, led by Emperor Menelik the Second. War continued in the twentieth century, between Emperor Haile Selassie1and the fascist regime led by dictator Benito Mussolini. The final and total claw back of all the African Landmass from European machinations, was achieved towards the end of the twentieth century, in the struggles led by Nelson Mandela and the death of ‘Apartheid.’ The continent drained, sucked out bone dry, was morally, materially and physically bankrupt. Locked in tribal mindsets, petty megalomania, nepotism and continual warfare. Everything, all activities embroiled in cultures of corruption as the normal accepted way of working. The latter end of colonisation and aftermath of neo-colonization were more horrific and devastating than what the imperial foreign power brokers were able to achieve. No recovery was predicted for a continent, prepared as the home and domain of perpetual servitude. 

The borders and drawn lines of divisions into separated fragmented parts, were not created by the making of its own indigenous people or due to random circumstances of movements, representing the construction of communities and nations. They were all foreign generated and maintained. The artificial borders continue to describe a colonial past of divide them and rule. The divisions into patchwork states are the symbols of a long-term reductionist ideology and plot to keep the continent weak, divided, vulnerable, dysfunctional, competing with self and not working for each other. It is ironic! Especially so, when the African Union celebrates ‘unity through diversity’ within the auspices of fifty-four separate states, all defending their own different agendas. African Postman.