Knowledge is Power! Information is data collection.The Fountain of real Knowledge can truly be found in books. Reading is not only an enjoyable pastime, read on a regular basis and over time it will improve your mind. What the best books offer is a trigger, that intimately turns on a light inside the reader. Now, many unconventional people in contemporary societies driven by modern lifestyles, make loud declarations that traditional book reading is now dead. Passé!

In reply from a negative bias, the fashionable trend seems to be towards isolation, no close friendships with whom we share experiences. Only followers with likes and dislikes in narcissistic games filled with artificialities. In a trance social Interfacing with hand-held machines, who is fooling who? keep it real, if you know how!

From that thought, we can only wonder, in the twenty first century is this the way we should all live! Nutrition from fast foods, culture from cartoons, education from digital screens, try not to scream! Receiving our politics from music and the news from social media. Ok! Each to their own.

ACAP promote we should resist the drive. Covid break the rapid speed. We are now on a slower pace, read a Book. Never say never, you may never know, a book could possibly change your life!