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In order to understand the world, the myths, legends, allegories, symbols, and metaphors, in all cultures and religions. Generally, they all attempt to explain the complexities of living. I gained this, while the material body is the vehicle, which offers us the lived experiences in the dome of a material world, called earth. We were taught spirit and energy are the essential source of life.

The ancient physicians explain there are nine exits or entrances into the body: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, the mouth, the anus, and sex organ. In addition to these in a similar context, is the soft area at the top and center of the head, commonly called the mole. There is also the navel in the stomach, the pores of the skin that opens, close and breathes, according to the temperature in the surrounding environment. All the above play an important role in the health and well-being of the body.

What to allow in, and keep out, of your individual body is your personal responsibility to know, and understand how to maintain a fit and vibrant structure, which are beneficial to the workings systems of your own unique body. There is another entrance to the body that is left open, and remain unguarded, no matter what we may try to do, in order to protect it. Made of non-material substances, the mind, located somewhere through the faculties of the head, is regarded as something most important to be protected, especially the fragile mind of a child, and young immature adults.

In essence, we are an eternal soul and conscious mind, that have links with a brain and nervous systems, which automatically communicates, commands and sends messages through electromagnetic energies, to all areas in a biological body of systems. The deeper cognitive features and mental activities of the brain are virtually unknown, in our state of daily living awareness. Our consciousness is independent of the subtle unconscious activities in the brain.

The mind of a rational functioning person, attempts to control the physical material body in every way. From intelligent thoughts, ideas, knowledge of self, acute awareness of the living environments, and with appropriate responses to everything around you, an individual can lead their own body to right actions with good purpose. In and With Mind over Matter.

The dangers occur, when the infinite space in which our mind operates, is invaded by inputs contrary to the essence of our personal well-being. At times the negative energies enter the imagination as a relentless force, and you are automatically, immediately driven to behave completely out of character, and into something unknown of a bizarre nature. As these flows of negative energies enter your mind, unaware, you become a host or home where conscious alien forces, thoughts, and ideas reside, and operates as a base. These thought energies, trick your mind to harm the body.

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The mind-heart connections, correspond in thoughts, feelings and emotions. In our mind-brain relationship, there is an area called the Conscience, it is here, where we know inherently the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. In order to make the right choices, that is correct for your well-being. Using a variety of substances, some people deliberately burn away their conscience, or completely ignore it, and put it to sleep. Stopping any form of mental deliberations between the extremes of the two opposing forces, good and bad. Making for a more complex and exciting lifestyle, appropriate, as assumed by some people’s personal and social needs. As we embrace the new negative energies, and the old habitual personality fade aways. A new invented persona comes into being, as if from nowhere.

These new thought entities, interfere with your natural persona and character, inflicting their own will on your daily activities, and living in general. How do you rid yourself of these unknown invisible psychic energies, that is forcing you to become something you do not wish to become? Being aware of these phantoms, personal demons, and invisible enemies, that have dislodge your true self, the battles should begin in order to rid the mind of these malignant, addictive, controlling forces. This is one of the major challenges of our times, which are being addressed in many cultures through psychology, therapy, counselling, and other psychiatric methods.

In the current times many people question and ask; regardless of the laws from government, surely what is good or what is bad? It is now a matter of individual perceptions and perspectives. What is evil for you, may be good for me. The public moral compass is no longer working. That statement is correct and true, but if we consider humanity as one living entity, then accepting the rules of nature and recognising the moral laws in your own conscience, we may begin to understand the universal principles of good and evil. We may also appreciate the fact, that these rules govern all life, and should be valued in the same way as individual choice, desires and needs, which have all become politicized.

As mentioned earlier, we also have a conscience, which instinctively informs us about the two forces in relation to all our individual actions and activities. The choice between one or the other always rest within the individual mindset and intentions. Your self-will, determine which one takes the lead in any activities. To simply, activities that are beneficial to you, without harm to others is good. The opposite is bad, harmful, and in the extreme evil.

There are many unknown evil forces in the world, that hides in the blind spot, just below the surface in the world of shadows. Simply out of view or otherwise functioning wit in an invisible zone. Especially so, among the psychic forces that secret societies, Deviant groups, organisations, and individuals practicing the diabolical dark arts, attempts to unleash into the world. So terrible are the consequences of those activities, they remain the habitual, ritualistic root of evils in the world. Do not forget, you are the master of your own personal mind, will, and guardian protector of your individual unique body. DRC – Deep Routes Collective