Cicely Tyson (1924 – 2021) – Emmy & Tony Award.

Screened entertainment is a huge industry, the on-screen stories deposited in the global marketplace have massive multiple impact on individuals and society. Many of these effects are still not yet fully known. In the modern era, media create, generate and disseminate cultures.

The screenplay is a scripted story, traditionally acted out on screen in public cinematic theatres. In contemporary times, viewing films are more generally conducted privately at home among family and close friends.

In America, during the time of legal racism, prejudices and extreme discriminations. The actors of African descent, who, despite the acute difficulties, accepted the demeaning roles and generated performances of profound dignity. Offering dramatic truths full of meanings, relating to the soul of a nation.

Whenever actors attempt to reach truths, they themselves have never experienced. The felt sense of it, becomes a bridge to empathy. This sense of feeling put the experiences of others in the body of the actors, where we the viewers can see and feel it. Today, for us, their stories generate energy fields that posses’ specific emotional qualities. Vibrations that people of African descent can feel, identify, relate, discuss and agree.

In the best of cinema, the moving image contain the power to speak directly to the collective unconscious, bypassing the filters in the conscious mind. Hence, the subliminal messages that do enter unawares.

Woody Strode (1914 – 1994) – Once Upon A Time In The West.

Long before actors’ roles are commissioned, the writer of the screenplay lead the development process of the story. Ultimately, others in the team – producers, directors, editors, musicians, cinematography and more, all collaborate in the process to deliver a final product onscreen. Along the way, many revisions are made in the script to clarify, tighten the action or concentrate the subplots.

Story telling has a long and sacred tradition. Screenwriting is a natural extension of that tradition. The screenplay or resulting movie is the medium, creatively and technically demanding, in whatever form we value stories because they give meaning to everyday living and life in general. However, the search is still ongoing to find African American screenwriters working during the golden years of American filmmaking.

In the case of Black – African – American actively participating in the early days of cinema. Much more than survival, the ultimate value of life depended on general awareness, self-awareness, beneficial levels of contemplation and introspection.

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