In A Foreign Domain

The psychic energies, spirit, technological foundations and material progress of European nations, are naturally from their own being, self-will, intentions and making. There is an instant recognition of all things belonging to that geographical and national location.

An individual from a different nation, culture, and psychological profile, entering or born in a European city and dominant culture. There is a need to adapt, learn and integrate, in order to function, participate, contribute, achieve and excel. 

The disadvantages in those circumstances and hostile environments are relentless, even after government laws and rules against discrimination are declared and implemented. The foreign individual viewed as an alien becomes a scapegoat, an obvious suspect and bogus at any given opportunity. Regardless of the profession, image, in whatever character or persona projected. 

In the white space, regardless of how you know or view yourself to be, anywhere outside the continent. People of African origin are identified, categorized by skin colour and race. There are rules to be observed being Black, with underlying subtle meanings and consequences, that only people identified as Black will experience, recognise and know.

Wherever a person of African descent is in the European world, they are placed in highly political situations laced with a history and baggage of controversy. Year-in after years, ceaselessly, Black identity is a psychological, emotional and mental battlefield, a three-fold path to be navigated daily:

1. It begins with the way people view you and their responses, even people who may look like you.

2. How you see, know and understand yourself to be, including the unspoken inner reactions to the psychic turmoil and subtle unconscious body language received.

3. Who you really are, above and below the public mask, in character, personality, values and motivation as a human being.

A constructed political identity bestowed on any individual, will always be artificial, signifying a symbolic loss of all conscious sense of identity. To be whole, means the individual person must be empowered to cultivate and become the best of who and what they are, naturally.

In the search for knowledge of self, real identification remains extremely important for every individual. The deep need and sense of belonging is wired into our nature and psychological make-up as human beings. An individual without a nation to call their own intuitively, is like a person without a soul.

Among the things that constantly reminds us of who we are, and the fact that you are of African origin is your DNA. On a deeper spiritual level, the genetic memory banks guide you to a storehouse of ancestral metaphysical reconnections. The living social realities force you to seek alternatives. Your awakened cultural and creative faculties force you to accept the realities of the circumstances you are in, and the desperate need for change. The opportunities to start anew is now. The African Postman.