The question is asked often, “a non-material substance, where is the mind in the body? In fact, what is the mind?

One simple answer is this, the human mind is within the individual’s head-space, all contained in the infinite limitless space of the Almighty Creator. Not brain, the human mind functions across three major specific zones or spheres.

Conscious – daily awareness while awake, interacting with others and the things in the world.

Unconscious – in a dream state during sleep, being unaware of the physical material world.

Subconscious – the deep darkness where our morbid fears are hidden away. Including traumatic experiences

stored-away, remaining forgotten and unknown.

Above & Below

There is also an area of the mind that supports a conscience – an inherent moral sense of right and wrong, good and bad. An ability and attribute that is being lost in the current times. The word mental or mentality, describes the individual state of mind, or what is functioning within the head-space of the individual.

The Final Conflict

The Almighty Creator gave man (male & female) freewill, but many types and forms of domineering regimes, drive fear and terror into people and nations, in order to take away their self-will and personal choice.

Using unscrupulous ideologies with subtle deceptions, vile leaders make attempts to control human beings, and keep up the pretence that free-will is being exercised.

The new mission without mercy in the twenty first century, is the complete shutdown and take-over of every single individual human mind-space. Including, by remote control, the cognitive faculties of the human brain. Making us all slaves to sin. Sound alarmist, too bizarre to be real. The ills of human values will increase wars, not decrease them.

We must always remember, this war is not with flesh and blood, but of invisible spiritual wickedness in high and low dark places. Throughout our communities around the world, secret societies and organisations in league with diabolical forces, functioning in the psyche and psychological levels of human relationships, beyond the reasons of good and evil they are at work relentlessly.

Fallen Angelic Beings

I use the term Spiritual here, in the sense of using the circuits and networks of energies in nature for malicious and evil intent.

As an example, biometrics may be used to monitor your carbon footprint, and track your movements wherever you may be on the planet. Through the misuse of your DNA and new technology, it may also be used to place the individual of a weak mind into a matrix of debilitating experiences.

Elsewhere, the groups and teams of occultists, wizards, warlocks, juju magicians, practitioners of the blacks arts and witchcraft, using necromancy and other vile atrocities, trick the mind to harm the body of human beings.

Usually invisible to the naked eye, elemental and sentinel beings without physical forms, existing on the astral plane. Conspire with human beings in the devil’s workshop to ultimately remove the freewill of humanity, making them mindless servants to him holding the power of death. “My God is the God of the living, and not of the dead.”


When Mercy Gone, Judgement Come! Reverent Joycelyn Edwards.