Self-Centred & Vanity Driven

When there is no God, all things are permitted.”

I have experiences living among people of this nature. On reflection, I have arrived at certain conclusions, right or wrong I am willingly sharing them with you. Generally, I believe individuals without belief or faith in an immortal divine entity, higher than themselves to be a guide in living life, is an Atheist.

From ancient times to the present, the nature of an Atheist remains one and the same without change. Godless people are usually the worst type among human beings. Self-centred, they have no time for moral considerations, and do as they see fit for themselves and no one else.

The Atheists I knew poured scorn on high principles, deride the regulations of formal authorities, anyone making attempts to be of moral character is held in contempt. Women were demoted to the levels of whoredom and are treated as such. Atheists think you are born, live and die. That view is the beginning and end of their human story.

It is not difficult to identify an Atheist, ask this series of simple questions; do you have a God, what is the name, do you have a king, what is the name, what about a queen? These questions will easily reveal who in the company you keep is a fully fledged Atheist in heart and mind, even when the individual in question is not fully aware it is so.

The conscience operating in the mind activate personal introspections, the sensibilities of the Atheist are not attuned to these faculties. The inner deliberations and questions of right and wrong, are totally overlooked. Atheists are usually, simply, unable or unwilling to complete that task.

Being the worst friends of mine, they make claims of loving deeply, but will still harm you easily for the feeblest reasons. They may not kill you due to the fearful consequences of the law, but you are still murdered daily through their evil wicked intentions aimed at you.

If looks could kill, I would have been dead tens times over. This is body language atheists usually tend to display, without being aware they are doing it. The clever ones know how to mask their evil eye, but careful observations will reveal their inner thoughts.


“When Money is your GOD, demons and devils invade your inner state of being to torture and torment you.”

Atheist use eyes, but rarely see what the wise see. Living with sonic vibrations so low, they have ears but can rarely hear the spiritual messages relayed to the wise. They easily mock with the mouth but can never utter words of perceived truths. They remain far away from the presence of the immortal divine energies and have no intentions to move closer. 

Wisdom is with the Almighty Creator, human beings usually acquire wisdom along the road of life journey, through experiential living, introspection and reflections. This activity is the healing balm for soul, heart and mind.

Among certain groups of people, atheists become motionless, numb and dumb. They become the silent invisible enemies, lurking in the shadows like phantoms or predators waiting to strike. Be aware of the silent invisible enemies, stay safe and secure in their presence. Harmless as a dove, but wise as a serpent. 

Beloved, the ultimate war raging at this very moment is for the mind and soul of the individual, and the battles are also taking place in cyberspace. Live in love, God is love. Be careful, stay wise, safe and secure regardless of the terrain you may be in. Berhane Tensae