ASET & OSIRIS Queen of the Universe & Ruler of the Underworld.

Ancient African High Civilisation, become divine human heritage. Osiris was the first King of Egypt, the son of Geb – God of the Earth, and Nut – Goddess of the Sky. The wife of Osiris is Aset–Isis, Great Mother of the Throne. Seth – God of the desert, storm, wind, and the force of chaos, was Osiris brother. Seth remained in opposition to Ma’at – Right Order. 


In Ancient Egypt, the Goddess Ma’at, was the personification of Truth, Justice, Balance, Order, law, Morality, Ethics, Virtues, all principles of righteous correct social living.

The ‘Feminine Energies’ maintained the levels and balance of universal order. 

The Goddess, also worked with and through inter-connections with the cosmos, divinities, nature, and all human spheres. The deities, set the order of the universe from the moment of creation.

Now, the word Ma’at is used with reference to all the above concepts.

Akhenaten, inherited the duty to ensure, Ma’at remained the primary principle of existence, for social living and all forms of Interactions in society. This was required, in order to maintain a natural state of harmony, and balance.

One main aspect of Ma’at relationship with human beings, is the weighing of the ‘Heart’ in Duat – the underworld.

The Heart-Soul is measured on a scale – with the Shu-Feather of Ma’at.

The ‘Soul’ of the deceased residing in the heart, is placed on a scale to be measured, with the Shu-Feather of Ma’at. In the heart is the hall of two truths – Good & Evil. In the judgement, it is assessed whether, the departed soul would reach Aaru – the after life in paradise.

After the deceased recite 42 negative confessions, Anubis overseeing the weighing, present the soul to Osiris. The heart that is shown to be unbalanced and corrupt, is devoured by the Goddess Ammit, and the owner of the heart is condemned to remain in Duat – the Watery Waste

Hieroglyphs – Sacred engravings in Hator’s temple.


The partner of Ma’at is Thoth – the God of wisdom, who invented the concept of rhetoric, writing and scholarship. 

The teachings of Ma’at for righteous actions, were the duties of Sesh – Scribes. They were public servants, holding a central role is society, formulating, promoting, and maintaining the concepts of Ma’at.

Ptah-Hotep, gave instructions in the form of Rhetoric presentations. Here is an example:“It’s true that doing evil may gain wealth, but only the strength of truth last a lifetime, and into the afterlife.”

We are now at the beginning of the New African Millennium, the Rebirth of a Civilisation that will continue for one thousands years. Similar to the Sonkofa Bird we must Return to Origin, in order to Begin Anew. Mama Earth.