the image is symbolic of the limitless mind, without any type of boundaries.

All is mind, but the place where thoughts, ideas and imagination come from is now being deeply explored with the intention of harvesting. Made of non-material substances, what or where is the mind in the body?

The human mind is more mental wilful processes, working in sync with the automated faculties of the nervous systems and mechanics of the brain. The concepts, actions and process of the mind are taught to be instinct, intuition, memory, identity, insight, perception, intelligence, imagination, fascination and many more.

We are a soul with a mind, living in a physical structure. The brain coordinates all the faculties of the body through a process of unconscious automation. Our conscious being rarely realize soul, but to live correctly we must become the master of our own mind.

Becoming aware of the Divine presence. Heart soul and mind are the main portals that the creator access to commune with human beings. Heart is the seat of emotions, mind situated somewhere in the endless limitless space of the divine eternal mind, functions within the headspace of the individual. Soul is the individual personal unique divine eternal spiritual spark and energy of life, set within the physical body.

Three major functional state of mind are conscious, unconscious and subconscious. Our perceived or claimed identity determine our frame of intellect, perspectives, personal and private viewpoints. The undisciplined mind uses all situations and circumstances to create its own daily psychological dramas, that are usually far removed from the realities and truths of the matter at hand. 

“Demons & Devils finds work for idle hands and vacant minds.”

We all have life, but the qualities of living are in the qualities of thoughts and ideas of the individual persona. Auto-suggestive ideas enter our conscious thoughts from everywhere, as if they are our own. Guard and protect your mind carefully, in order to secure mental well-being.

With the growth of secret organisations, regimes and occult groups, operating through telekinetic energies within the invisible spiritual networks and circuits, they invade the individual mind-space and get into our thinking. Once in, other doors are open to our soul, emotions, state of being, our biology and norms of experiencing reality. 

When demonic entities inhabit our being, dysfunctional behaviour becomes the norm for that individual. Emotional and mental energies that make up the psychological persona, patterns and profile, begin to generate a bio-chemical imbalance. In reaction, the individual becomes delusional, confused, remote and isolated.

Without any connections to the actual and factual present, the afflicted individual experience disassociation and extreme detachment from reality. Without constant help and assistance, many drift into the realms of fantasy and remain there. 

In our current complex scenarios and the crisis of the continuing global pandemic, you must all become the master of your own mind, controlled by the power of your own will; I will, I will. I will! The Modern Griot.