Two people who are from the same background, Africa or Europe?

Many individuals and groups of people with a particular form of mindset, co-exist in the Global African Village. This post should not be read as a form of judgemental criticism or righteous indignation. It is a statement of fact; about the current times we are all living in.

Afropean is a term used inside and outside the continent of Africa, to identify and describe groups of people and individuals from an African descent, who have embraced, adapted and internalised European cultural values, attitudes and learnt mannerisms as the norm of everyday living.

The visual appearance of the individual is African, but the mind is deeply set and fixed in European frameworks, power structures and social systems. That location is the usual place where skin colour, class, racism and extreme prejudices turns into self-denial and self-hatred. A severe neurosis for many people who become isolated and, have lost contact with their real identity, social realities and the immediate cultural centre of their natural being.

Afropeans are not necessarily among those who have lost all sense of direction. People in this group have made a conscious choice to live as they do. It is a preference and lifestyle choice assumed to be best for that group. Yet, even when the individuals acknowledge self to be African. At the same time, the realities of their experiential living, force them to desire and lust for the security of the projected European image, ideal of entitlements and being superior to others.

Revealing a certain level of intellectual dependency, to imitate or copy is a sure way to lose all sense of self-respect, dignity and personal integrity. Many among the Afro’peans, are oblivious and unaware of their superior attitudes and covert contempt towards the current African realities. At times generating animosity and hostilities towards their own.

In the attempt to understand this group and the reasons for their points of view, including those who have recently left countries in Africa as refugees. We can assume their ideas are due to the lack of good governance, political atrocities, mass migration caused by civil wars, and abject poverty. Those negatives, enlarged and amplified as the public image of Africans, maybe the reasons why many Afro’Peans view the continent as a land of romantic myths full of day-dreamers, in a mixture of constant terror and fearful horrors.

Where does the ideas of maintaining and following cultural traditions comes from, what are its true values to individuals and society as a whole? Traditions persist for generations, even when many are clearly false, redundant and of no use in the present times. We are told they continue, because traditions satisfy an inherent human need to belong. Which without would leave us in an unbearable void.

Thanks to global social media, we are all talking and engaged with each other together. The real world is now in view and is very different to the promotion of dominating ideologies, propaganda of super-power institutions, intellectual and social persuasion, through the opinions of influential elites. The world of centralised governance including the ties to powerful infra-structures, are fading away rapidly. 

One aspect of the new One World Order is; following the rules and regulations of the laws, individuals are all free to live as they choose.  The nature of the present times we all live in, dictates the means of proactive actions. We should attempt to see the current realities, accept and deal with them to your benefit, and what is best for the dome we call home on the planet Earth.  The African Postman.