Within the new global realities sweeping across all nation states, unification is the only route to sustainable change and survival for the African continent. This is the SOS and urgent need, right now!

Unity is the desire, wish, demand and single voice of over one billion Africans all over the world. The Continent must unite in order to usher in lasting progress and beneficial changes to all its people. And in the extreme scenarios, unity will remove the possibility of economic recolonisation for many of the failing States in Africa.

If wealth equals power, in the case of poor Africa, power should not necessarily corrupt. Especially when the fragmented states cannot stand alone, against the unstoppable changes that have gripped the planet in unprecedented crisis after crisis.

In the same boat, more than ever, African States need and must depend on each other. If the boat sinks, and one goes down, all go down! Relating to unity, the mire of languages and barrage of ethnic groups and countless divisions, can be solved easily by economic necessities and political will.

Simply remove the borders and the need for visas in regional zones, this is the easiest beginning of all towards unity. Soon after, a single currency in all regional zones will generate ease of administration and management, through the reduction of individual states. The political groups and elites will still have their work-load cut out to accomplish. This is already in blueprint decades in waiting, to be activated by our leaders with vision and courage.

African Unity

The motto is ‘develop and secure home first, before looking and going abroad’ is a more sensible, secure method and route to progress and prosperity.

Through their wealth and economic stability, the States on the Continent that are in the driving seat to accelerate and secure regional unity in the North, are Morocco and Egypt. In the West, Nigeria and Ghana are best suited to begin the process of regional unity. In the East, Kenya is best located and functioning capacity, could easily push and lead many states into a vibrant unified Eastern Economic Zone. In the South, Botswana and the Republic of South Africa, can easily set the pattern for a unified southern region in every way.

Concerning the Francophone States in Central Africa, the proposed seat of African Central Government, this will need unique forms of agreements from everyone involved in leadership roles. The Chinese system of a consortium government can easily work for Africa, instead of the usual party politics militating against each other. A people divided amongst itself, must fall and fail. If the political will is there, a way will be found to lift the African Nation out of the darkest poverty.

Consider also, the mass-migration of people – legal and illegal – fleeing from the continent, and the brain drain of gifted and talented Africans lost to various places in the world, especially Europe and America. How can this brain drain be stopped or even be reversed. Allowing them the opportunity to participate in the development of their continent.

Many countries in Africa, according to data and information may appear to be improving. Yet, the reality remain different to the news reports, the greater majority of people are still in abject poverty. Especially so, when the wealth of a nation are in the hands of a very small group of elite families. Look carefully at Kenya currently, as one prime example of this practice on the African continent. Today, it is a proven fact, corruption, cronyism and despotic dictators are the true evils destroying African populations, including overturning their opportunities to a much better standard of living. The Modern Griot.