Another battle waging in Africa that is little reported, is the wars between Tradition and Modernity. Modern as seen through the dominant world media lenses, of all things foreign, and imported into everyday social realities.

A New Book of photographs and words, worth is weight in Gold, Silver, and much more, is available now.

African Twilight is a visual document showing 40 years of adventurous journeys, throughout the continent of Africa, capturing images and voices of disappearing cultures along the way.

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher met in Kenya. They began a photographic relationship with the African continent, travelling over 300,000 miles, through 48 countries, documenting 150 cultures.

From their vast body of works, the two photographers have produced 15 acclaimed books. Maasai in 1980. Nomads of Niger in 1983. African Ark in 1990.

African Ceremonies 1999 – is a Pan-African study of Rituals & Rites of Passage, from birth to death. The book covers 93 ceremonies, from 26 countries.

The publication of African Ceremonies, achieved for the two photographers, the United Nations award for excellence: “With vision, showing understanding of the role cultural traditions play, in the pursuit of World Peace.”

African Twilight: The Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies of the African Continent, a 15 year study, completes the cycle of Carol and Angela’s African Ceremonies series.

This 872 double-page volume, journeys deeper into the most inaccessible terrain on the continent, documenting ceremonies that are rarely seen by the outside world.

You now have a chance to secure and archive, visual representations of traditional African cultures, before they completely disappear and remain unknown to future generations. Thanks to the photographers, the evidence are here for all to see.

More than 40 percent of what the two photographers documented in this book, have already vanished. The information in the two volumes, display boundless creativity, the powerful artistry of Africa’s cultural heritage and legacies.

This book offer readers the opportunity, to be transported to a little known world, making connections between the individual and community, body and soul, sky, land and people.

The price of the box set, maybe a barrier to purchase for some households, but not so for art institutions, cultural organisations, African libraries, and everyone who have the slightest interest in preserving the knowledge, and visual evidence of unique authentic cultures.


All the photographs in the two volumes are newly published, and rarely seen. ACAP Team.