Africa unchained

The rebirth of the New Civilisation titled ‘ African Millennium Renaissance’ is in full flow from the beginning of the 21st century.

Millennium is a period of one thousand years. The French word Renaissance, interpreted as a renewal energy in creativity.

The word, in the case of Africa, mean new awakening in the evolution of human consciousness, in a relentless drive towards better standards of living.

We are now in a period of transition from the old, to the new. Clearly visible and charted to be achieved in agreeable time lines.

At the highest Political and Economic levels of Security, the greatest task to be achieved right now, is Regional Integration. The little that we all do, when added up together, will be a gigantic leap forward. With my basic observation of Authentic African Cultures, they all work with Nature, and not against Her!

Moral Tales for Right Living


The Global African Village is a present reality, and not a new concept. Neither is it a set of rules, or models towards an abstract theory. Our ideology goes beyond socialism and capitalism with schisms.

The Global African Village consist of people and communities anywhere in the world, who identify themselves culturally with Africa, as their place of origin. Not disregarding their current nationality and citizenship.

People of African descent are scattered all around the world, viewed, accepted, and described as the old and new diaspora. 1.5 million are in Canada. 46.4 million are in the United States of America. There are 133 million living in South America, mainly in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba.

Quilted Patchwork of National Identities

In the Caribbean there are 22.5 million, who identify themselves as African descendants. That figure represents 67% in a total number of 41.5 million people.

9.6 million are in Europe, the majority in France, England, Spain and Portugal.

4.5 million people of direct African ancestry are in Arabia. The main locations are Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Iraq.

In South Asia, many people claim a connection to African ancestry, but from a cultural standpoint, most do not identify themselves as African.

1.43 billion people are living on the continent of Africa, representing 17.9% of the population on the planet. Remember, there is also white Africans by birth. This survey is not about race, it is place of origin. 455 million people in Africa, 34% of the total population, live below the poverty line in 2023.

A Tiny Outline of Wealth for Foreign Investors

These figures are estimation from government data. They are not completely accurate numbers. It is very difficult to obtain accurate information about births and death in many places. Every day is the birth of someone, and the death of another. A balance is there. Do not be frightened about population explosion, there is enough on the planet for everyone needs, but never enough for peoples’ greed. 

The new one world social order, being championed by professional politicians and diplomatic circles. Is described and promoted everywhere as Equality and Levelling Up.   Should we allow our natural resources and wealth, to be used for the benefit and enrichment of others? while Africans remain in abject poverty!

State of EmergencyThe Enemy Within


 Beginning over a thousand years ago, the final devastating Holocaust, described as the ‘Destruction of the African Civilisation,’ culminated in captivity of its strongest people. Dispersal and transportation around the world in servitude. 

Followed by colonialism, the near total loss of land, under the foreign powers of divide and rule. Dead-Locked in endless scenarios of tribal warfare.

Supplied with new identities and nationalities, stripped nearly bare of collective memory, language, and framed in bizarre references. Africa and Africans entered the unknown space, ‘no return’ to their root of origin.  

The place we violently retrieved, and finally, totally reclaimed from the colonial land grabbers, at the end of the 20th century, is not a place of our own making. Their presence here, was all about rigid arrested developments. The state of abject poverty, destitution, and backwardness of the African continent we are all witnessing today. Was mitigated and orchestrated by European power brokers, executed through extraction, exploitation, and severe underdevelopments.

When questioned by important Anti-Slavery Lobby in their Domain. They quoted the stories of Ham, Shem & Japheth in the Holy Bible. Also utilising the pseudo-science of Eugenics, to justify their diabolic crimes. Field Marshal – General Zeribu.