Ras’Tafari & The Rastafarians

Our leaders in government working slowly through the African Union AU, appear to be tied up with local government duties, and are finding it difficult to pursue the realities of regional integration, Africa Central, East, West, North, South, and the 6th Region of the Diaspora.

The continent united with the name Africa, remain in the mind – not yet real. Returnees from ancient and modern captivity, to the model village in Shashemene, Ethiopia south. Did fulfil the dream of living in the Motherland, but not without setbacks, and severe consequences. The reasons for this are many, especially from the enemies of the movement, who did not want the model village, and example of the return to place of origin to be successful.

Rastafarians in the Motherland

The Rastafarian Movement have awakened the Global African World, about the place of Origin. Including the order visible in the traditions and cultures of the unconquered Lion King.

The symbolic home of return to the motherland in Southern Ethiopia, is unable to deal with the recent fallout of economic and political shifts, due to the war and civil unrest in the country.

For over 60 years, the differences of doctrines, separate organisations, and lack of cohesive unity, did not allow the Rastafarians in Southern Ethiopia to build a strong sustainable community. The children and grandchildren, born from the marriage of returnees and local Ethiopians, are in need, with very little to support their continuous development. The rigid grip of the different organisations of Twelve Tribes, Bobo-shanti, Nyahbinghi, Ethiopian World Federation, did not allow the Rastafarian community to achieve the single collective representation, required by the Ethiopian government.

H.I.M. Haile Selassie1.

Still in the imagination, Africa united is not yet real, She awaits her creators. It seems the best way to return home to the place call Africa, is through individual and family effort.

Research, plan, work with legitimate government departments, decide clearly what you will contribute to the growth and development of your chosen country, community, or village.

The return home is a completely new beginning, look, listen and learn. learn your local language, as a must to speak your mother tongue. Even though the majority are still using the Euro-Latin script of A to Z.

With your your acquired knowledge, skills and experiences gained in the West. Assist your chosen community in Africa to grow, in one love, one aim, one heart, one destiny.

The heroic rugged individualism of European cultures, cannot work in Africa. Consider it to be a place of togetherness, village people with a village mentality. A lot of tolerance is needed. Comparison, great expectations should not have a role here.

H.I.M. in Jamaica 1966.


On a official state visit to Jamaica in 1966, Haile Selassie 1 – King of Kings – told the thousands of assembled Rastafarians, “before you return home to Africa, organise and centralise.”

They did the complete opposite. Leading individuals with their own ideas, concepts and doctrines. Scattered and set up their own camps and organisations. The brotherhood of Rastafarians went into separate opposing factions. Today twenty four years in the 21st century, the movement still remain in separate and diverse groups, unable to unify as one.


During the early 1970s, young energetic, highly intelligent rebels, were determined to liberate the Black African World. The decision was made to utilise music on the airwaves, as a vehicle to spread the teachings and message of the king David – Haile Selassie 1.

Visionaries, entrepreneurs, and the fraternities of singers and players of instruments began the mission in Kingston, the capital of the small island Jamaica. The major music recording companies in England and Europe began the business of distribution. The leading group was Island Records, Virgin Records, and later Greensleeves records, registered in the UK.

Eventually, the missions of the Rastafarians were hijacked. They were placed in the industrial fields of pop-culture, music, and entertainment. Billions of pounds were and are still generated. As the Rastafarian movement evolve into a diverse global entity. Nyah-Man.