The Dynamics of Global Africans De-colonising and Liberating Minds of People Everywhere!

Pan-African Congress – 1900 – UK.

The liberation of a nation, begins with every with every individual person of that nation. An individual without a nation to call their own, or to which they belong, is like a body without a soul. The African collective state of captivity, began with inferiority complex, philosophy of race, isolation, slave mentality,

State of Affairs

and the social dynamics of skin colour. All the above are barriers for Africans, in the attempt to understand a common humanity in the world.

Nevertheless, the barriers mentioned above, are some of the internal pitfalls Africans must navigate. In any journey towards self-discovery, personal identity, within the destiny of a nation.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the New Global African Cultural, Social, Economic, and Political liberation movement, started with the Pan-African Congress. Determined to improve the quality of life for Africans everywhere. The gathering was organised by Henry Sylvester Williams. The first international meeting was in 1900, Westminster Hall, London, UK.

Delegates for the 4th PAC meeting – New York – 1927.

With local branches around the world, the second PAC international meeting was in Paris, 1919. The third was in Lisbon, 1921. The fourth meeting was in New York, 1927.

Pan-Africans believe, African people, wherever they are in the world, they share a common origin, history, and have a common destiny. Africans are a single race, with a recognisable cultural unity.

Now, in the current moment, to De-colonise the mind of African people everywhere, Pan-Africans stress the need for unity and collective self-reliance. This movement laid the ground work for the renewed drive, towards the emancipation of Africans worldwide. Delroy Levy.

Organisation of African Unity – OAU – delegates – Addis Ababa – 1963.