The Sixth Region, also called the African Diaspora – is an extremely complex place, it is located outside the place of origin. These are areas around the world, where people of African origin were dispersed. Filled with loss, bitter pain, and traumatic experiences.

That holocaust was not a one-off event that has ended, there is a continuum of New Hybrid people. African America and African Caribbean are well known locations. The popular global languages, English and French spoken in those places, may have cast a shadow over African Latinos, making it little known to the wider Global African Village. 

Salvador da Bahia

Speaking the languages of Spanish and Portuguese, in Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Columbia, and many other countries of South America.

African Latinos have managed to be the best keepers of African retention in the diaspora. Visible in our daily cultures and religious practices. It is a clear reminder where the place of origin is located. 

Latin America – in the past.
Latin America – in the present.

The African Diaspora is an historical fact, people of African origin are scattered all over the planet.

Through power relationships and political construct, stripped bare, we were given new identities.

Due to colonialism, Africans have received a Euro-centric education, and Africans everywhere saw the world through a Euro-centric prism.

African Centred Education, from the place of origin, and looking at ourselves in the world. Have generated a balance, as we attempt to know and understand our similarity of experiences, our shared intimacy, and cultures that are everyday living. 

We refuse to wallow in the morass of the past. We are no longer digging deep into problems. We are seeking and finding solutions, for the on-going present and the incoming future.

Sankofa Bird

The West African Sankofa Bird, symbolise what is taking place for us, right now in Latin America!

It is a return to the place of origin, to move forward, with greater knowledge of self.

In a dynamic synergy of renewed energy, we are representing ourselves. African people around the world, within the Global African Village.

Now, we are making connections with each other, talking, and listening within our communities. Defining the realities of our existence.

Questioning, who we are, where we are, where we came from?

Looking at ourselves, from our own perspectives, we have realised how African cultures have permeated, and influenced the whole wide world. Sancho Perez.