“All things fall apart, yet the fallout is to make way make for the authentic original creation. Turn your back on the past old habitual ways, and begin anew.” The new African Civilisation.


The Sixth Region of the Global African Village is wherever (outside the continent) there are large communities of people, who not only identify themselves as Africans, but are actively practising and retaining their high cultural heritage and legacies. Many Africans is this region are engaged in psychological warfare, in order to free the mind from internalised cloning and intellectual dependency. In this world freedom is not a given, it must be fought for and maintained long after the victory is won. 

Residing within hostile environments, where covert subtle racism and ethnic cleansing is a major project. The African male and female are generally at odds, constantly fighting against each other. Consequently, they both become victims of an alien system, and are institutionalised as a means of survival.

The major cause and effect of this situation is the removal of cohesive family structures. When this one factor is applied to Africans in this region, there are very little to no family foundations, no community, no society. What is left are dysfunctional people struggling to survive. In those scenarios, single parent families and isolation is the new norm for the majority.

We all know wherever you are, to build security in the present moment, even for the individual, is no easy task. To achieve this is usually in the hands and mindset of the brave and courageous. They will shape their own future and make it what they will. Right now, with careful planning, discipline diligent work, many aspects for a better tomorrow can be designed, built and activated according to specific needs in mind. Be brave, reach out and touch your soul!

Due to information overload, fake and inaccurate reports, it is very easy to view the long-extended relationship between Africans and the European nations. Many of us becoming more aware of the past are imprisoned, trapped within psychic time-warps, reliving in mind bitter events of the past, are unable to let go and progress. Seeing the vast number of atrocities and injustices, in the blame game, you could be driven to personal opinions without the full facts at hand.

For instance, not suggesting any types of excuses, the diamonds many Europeans are accused of stealing were given away freely. The African societies at that time, had no use or gave no value to them. They were shiny stones children played with, like marbles. To arrive at the full truth relating to the great loss and subsequent burdens, approach the information, evidence and cold facts without vexed emotions. The ancient past is dead, let it rest in peace and gentle recall. 

Black people who are of African descent living in the White world, from a reductionist viewpoint, believe and understand the African continent to be a dark, desperate and dangerous country. They shy away from their true genetical identity and heritage, preferring and wishing to be someone else. Cut off from their roots, many attempt to assimilate into the people, cultures and communities where they live and work. From the distorted tales about Africans, questions are asked, “what are the sum and how heavy are the Black Burdens, can individuals endure the tribulations, including length of time, are they really able to bear the strain of the load?” The African Postman.