African Diaspora – the Global Spread of African Peoples.

The Sixth Region of Africa, commonly called the ‘Diaspora’ – a dispersion of people from their nation and place of origin – and displaced into foreign destinations or unknown places. The name relates to the global spread of African peoples, continuously for centuries.

According to the remit from the headquarters of the African Union, the sixth region is more about people than place. In consideration of the recent historical past, any place in the world where there are large, concentrated communities of people, whose origin is located on the continent of Africa, and consider themselves to be African, regardless of their nationality, is the definition for Africa Zone 6.


An extension and continuation of the ancient practice of people owning and selling other people. In the case of the African nations, the trade was expanded to the levels of international industry. With devious intent, and use of psychological trauma, to erase the humanity of those in captivity.

Satisfied with the success of enslavement, the attempt was made to seize the whole African continent, through colonisation.

It is estimated during the transatlantic slave trade, over a period of four hundred years, 1500 – 1900. Between 20 – 30 million Africans – male female and children, were enslaved and transported by ships from Africa to the Americas, Central America, South America, and the West Indies – the Caribbean Islands. The focus and driving force behind the trade, were Economics and Wealth Creation.

The numbers that perished at sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean – the ‘Middle Passage,’ remain unknown.


A General in the army of Tariq ibn-Ziyad.



Long before Europeans arrived in Africa, from the 8th century until the late 15th century, trading people across borders and frontiers, were taking place by African Moors in AL-Andalus, Portugal, Southern Spain, and Sicily. The Arabs, on the other side of the Red Sea, were also deeply involved in the common practice of trading people.

From the European ‘Reconquista’, the fall Of Granada in1492, signalled the end of Moors in Spain. A minority population persisted, until their forced expulsion in 1609. Many found their way to the ‘New World’, the Americas, and the Caribbean, through the journeys of explorer Christopher Columbus to the ‘West Indies.’ 

Diaspora Blues & Black – A Place of No Return.


In the New World, the African captives were sold on auction blocks. Mercilessly whipped, and chained into horrific servitude. Stripped of name, language, culture, and all memories erased. Without any form of continuum, the individual was transformed into an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Africans in the Diaspora, became a strange hybrid persona. 

Internalising the values, attitudes, and mannerisms in the dominant societies, they appear to be clones, lost, into a maze, with bizarre forms of intellectual dependency. Today, Africans living in the new global sixth region, are experiencing the same old forms of negativity, as a daily covert psychological minefield to be navigated carefully. True self-identity is the only way to maintain mental stability now, in the new unprecedented times of global realities.

The Sixth Region Global Interconnected through AI – Artificial Intelligence.


Located outside the Continent, the spread of Africans around the world, injected into the unknown countries, societies, and communities. New forms of hybrids, categories, and issues of race, that have endured to the present time.

Black, as issues of discrimination, racism and prejudice, is now a metaphor relating to many types of social oppression around the world. 

Currently, the after effects of Colonisation, Mass-Labour Migration, and the Crisis of Refugees. African peoples physical presence, have also assisted to introduce and infused strong African cultural elements into the new communities. These influences include the creative arts, music, dance, cuisine, religious ideas, sports, traditional folktales, and making myths. Nu-Active.