Map of the New Africa Creation.

“The map of the brand new civilisation titled ‘The African Renaissance’ is real. The foundations are laid. The creators are busy at work, no slacking, turning, nor looking back.”

Africa is rich but most of her populations are poor, that fact is true in contrast and comparison with other nations. On that continent, poverty is a crime against humanity. Many people with evidence say, “powerful foreign interventions assist to keep the wrong people in government.” Representatives from the government of America, Canada, The European Union, Israel, Russia, China, Japan and India are all present in the political capital, ready to sign contracts for major deals.

Apart from the rich fertile lands and a potential marketplace of over one billion people, Africa supply the resources and raw materials for the world’s heavy and soft industry. The would-be super-power nations are jostling each other, to get all their valuable needs, that are naturally the property of the African nations.

The continent of Africa supply to the world: 90% of its Cobalt use, 90% of Platinum, 70% of Manganese, 50% of Gold, 45% of Coltan, 35% of Uranium, 9.6% of crude oil. Africa and her waterways are also becoming a major destination and dumping ground for the world’s waste materials. The African Continent is now the active battleground, for the desperate needs of many foreign governments. There are a small number of progressive sovereign states on the continent, but the major problems remain – the crisis of good leadership and governance, in all areas of the nation’s wellbeing. Africa has fifty-four votes in the United Nations General Assembly, how the politicians’ policies, votes and working methods are utilised remain in the shadows. The people of Africa deserve something much better in that volatile toxic arena.    

In the meantime, there are continuous foreign worldwide media projections, ideologies and teachings, coming from official institutions, influential societies and amalgamated groups in the higher echelons of power. Informing us and promoting ideas that Africans are unable to govern themselves, and when left to do so, they eventually descend into anarchy and barbarism. So powerful are these media messages tagged with age old visual images, signs and signifiers, millions of Africans on the continent and in the sixth region, including the global populations, believe them to be true and are convinced the broadcasts are all accurate and real.

Whoever controls your medium of self-representation, have access to the eyes, thoughts, hearts, feelings, mind and emotions. The world’s media moguls who are not politically neutral, have the means, technology and methods to shape views, ideas, beliefs and cultures. On a personal campaign in that neglected area, to update the world who and what is the true essence of Africa right now, Ghana Boy – Wode Maya, is travelling throughout the continent with his YouTube channel, reporting from Cape in the South to Cairo in North Africa. From the East in Ethiopia to Nigeria in the West and everywhere in between, his reports are natural, down to earth and real, in the streets, among communities and so very different from the foreign media constructs. The Modern Griot.