Addis Ababa 2024

Adwa Museum – New Piassa.

Anywhere in the world, capital cities are the same. Bright lights, neon signs, the noise of traffic, crowded streets, the buzz of people as they hustle and bustle daily. Attracted to the place seeking opportunities to progress in living a better quality of life.

Hiyahulet – Addis Abba.

Addis Ababa, the political capital of the African continent, is being totally transformed at such a rapid speed, and in a manner that all who are witnessing the process is not only mesmerised, they are fascinated by the whole modernisation process.

Bole AreaHigh Tower Luxury Apartment Buildings.

The total makeover of the whole city, all in one major movement. As the heart and soul of the city is being ripped out everywhere, at the same time, all things old are totally destroyed.

New Piassa – 2024.
New Piassa – 2024.
New Piassa – 2024.

The new and modern like magic, appearing out of nowhere early in the morning. Twenty four hours, seven days a week, the workers are labouring to fulfil a vision of the new flower blooming.

The Great Addis Run – 2013.

Many questions are being asked, at what cost is the process of development affecting the 5 million inhabitants living in the city? Whose livelihood, businesses, villages, and social life are also being destroyed. 

Condominium Town.

The displacement process is being described as brutal and chaotic. Some people describe it, as a replica of what took place in many European cities.

Condominium Town.
Condominium Town.

Places that were designed for only the rich to live. While the poor were removed to the outskirts, travelling in to service the needs of the city.

New Addis Ababa.

After four years of warfare in the country, there is a sense of stability in Addis Ababa, as people from all over the country flock to it. Inflation is spiralling out of control. The cost of daily living is beyond the reach of the majority of original city dwellers. These are the people who are being forced out to live in the new condominium towns, located on the outskirts of the city. 

Hiyahulet Area.

Addis Ababa Nightlife.

What the new Addis Ababa of the twenty first century will become? Good or bad, only time will tell. In the meantime, the stress, worry, fear, and difficulties of the unknown, is the dominating factor everywhere in the city right now.


Addis Ababa – Early 1900s.
19th Century House – Entoto – Addis Ababa.

The history of Addis Ababa are filled with fascinating facts. In the late 1880s, after Emperor Menelik established his capital in Entoto mountains. His wife Empress Taitu, discovered the hot springs of mineral water, located in the valley below in a place called Finfine. 

Emperor Menelik
Abuna Petros

The Empress visited the site on a regular basis for health reasons. Becoming popular with the nobility, soon after permanent dwellings were built, roads were laid, institutions and public facilities began to appear in the area.

Traditional House – Used as a Administration Premises.

In 1900, the place where Empress Taitu, became delighted by the sweet smelling Mimosa flower and plant, she named Addis Ababa – New Flower, was now the new capital. At the same time, foreign diplomatic embassies were also established in the capital.

Revolutionary Square – Opposite Post Office Museum – Addis Ababa.

Since then, over a century to the present time, major upheaval and changes have occurred in the city. During the twentieth century, spectacular advancements were made by the government of King & Emperor Haile Selassie1.

The palace donated by the King of Kings – Haile Selassie1 gift of Education to the Nations. Addis Ababa University.

Violent political struggles, civil unrest, and major displacements across Africa, from the 1970s to the present, have created major setbacks to the perceived progress and advancement of the populations on the continent.

Memorial & Foundation for Ato Meles Zenawi – the Great General and Prime Minister.

Will the new designed modern capital of Africa, generate anything significant to bring about advancing the ‘New African Millennium Renaissance’? What about the hydroelectric Abiy Dam? There is so much more that could be mentioned here, may Almighty God have mercy on our souls! Berhane Tensae.