ACAP – “A place to be Inspired.” Ayahso Creative Art Productions is a production house engaged with the Arts, Leisure, Entertainment, and Sustainable Values. The Team at ACAP respond to global cultures , creativity, the visual arts, current affairs and social issues from an African-centred perspective. We are all motivated and ready to raise awareness and levels of consciousness – for all visitors to the site – acapr6.com.

On the Word Page, Joining the conversations with Monthly Post from the artist unique standpoint, ACAP with accurate facts, data and analysis, intends to open wider perspectives and broaden horizons. Offering readers new original exciting narratives, relaxing recreations, knowledge and understanding.

ACAP team works with a wide scope of professions in a variety of fields, designers, writers, artists, photographers, Journalists, all thinking global while functioning local. One of our featured artist, Danijah Tafari photographic works are available on the Exhibitions Page, his images are utilised in many areas on site. Go to the Word Page, Archives March 2021 ‘In Conversation’ Danijah speak about his practice and background in the arts world. The works of many other artists are also on exhibition. More will be added as we progress.

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Best wishes, ACAP Team