Into the Parallel Universe

The year 2022 started in the spirit of high optimism for the majority of us. The great battles with the super-intelligent virus is still ongoing, two and a half years after the start of the event. According to official records, over five million people have lost their lives. Omicron, the new mutation spreads faster but is weaker, hospitalisation and deaths are slowly decreasing.

We were wondering, whether any of our eminent scientists in the battles, have considered that, the new virus could be an alien species. Delivered and deposited in our atmosphere as solar-dust by the solar-winds. In the Dome we all call Home, the covering and safety net of protection – the Ozone Layers are filled with holes. All things usually locked out are coming in. There are also huge amount of space-junk littering and orbiting around the planet. This mess is more serious than eyesore.

The big question that is being asked, what is the new normal? In fact, what is normal for you, the community in which you live, the city, the country, the world. It is the end of the world as we know it. Right now, no one know what the future will bring. Predictions are made, and many organisations are implementing their own designs.

Space Junk Orbiting the Planet

The Tech giants have set the patterns of communication, global trading conglomerates and financial institutions have prepared new economic and monetary systems through blockchains. Shaken and stirred, Governments and banks fixed rigid in old out-dated modes of working, are fearful and unprepared by the speed and variety of changes in all areas work.

The social contracts between global.GOV and the governed are broken, is this statement right or wrong? Inspect and validate. The new is already here but largely unknown. The one world order is open to everyone, through your personal and individual design. Think global function local. This way will open the lens and screens to new viewpoints, perspectives and opportunities.

How can you generate sustainable value, what are your values, your personal qualities and nature? Know your-self and search out where you belong in any location around the new world, even when working remotely from anywhere. Factual information and accurate data, is what we all need to make decisions that are right for you. We are grouped together naturally by commonality of experiences, similarity of convictions and ambitions, vocational devotion and a personal sense of duty.

We are all in a dome, all seven billion of us. A small figure when using algorithms, number one with as many zeros as you prefer. The old world is crumbling, totally revealed and transparent. Even the baby on breast have a personal smart phone. Nowhere to run, no place to hide, biometrics and carbon footprints uncover your location anywhere, every time, all the time.

What new pussycats? Whatever you want to see in the world! Get motivated, find a way to assist in making your ideas real and active. Tens of thousands around the globe working together in blockchains 24/7 continuously at their own pace and speed, are doing just that and nothing else. Introspect and reflect on your deepest desires, the attempt to transform your thoughts may contain infinite possibilities.

The Americans, located in the West are way ahead in leading the new drive. Malta, the sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the Tech-Hub for vast areas in Europe. Blockchains appears to be a new popular way to work, for an all inclusive life———-Get away to progress, live good and prosper. Good luck – May the $%£ be with you. DRC-Deep Routes Collective.