The Website

ACAP – Ayahso Creative Art Productions is a small team of cultural industry professionals designing, making, producing and publishing online forentertainment, creativity, recreation and customer enjoyment. Treat ACAP Site like a mini-Museum, go everywhere, scroll up and scroll down.The galleries on the ART Page will show new exhibitions on a regular basis, with related articles, and interviews. New creative writings are posted on the Word Page the first of every month, offering insights into the world of the arts, topical issues and global cultures.

The website isupdated on a regular basis, with new exhibitions to view when a project is completed. Be among the first to receive updated info. Place your contact on the Register, visit the site often, there are many original works to excite, and much more in a variety of areas to satisfy your current interest.


ACAP promotes the wide spectrum of the Fine Arts & Crafts. Unfortunately, the shop is now closed, and is utilised only for promotion. Also on promotion are Books with original contents, exciting narratives and beautiful images on the Arts, Social Issues, Liberation Movements, Culture, Modern & Ancient History. A Number of Books contain both English and Amharic translations. All High Quality Original products, designed, produced and published through ACAP. See works of leather artist: Khali Keyi @